Sari is a  singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist,  from Porto Portugal, who speaks five languages fluently: Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, and French.

Prior to becoming a musician Sari worked as a sustainable architect, where she designed and built self-sustainable housing with Earthship Biotecture around the world, including in Oceania, Asia, and Africa. Her work in humanitarian and disaster relief projects, as well as her involvement in the creation of the eco-community in Germany “Wir Bauen Zukunft,” have brought her closer to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and introduced her to the world of reggae.

She began her music career by busking on a solo road trip to Italy, where she gained experience and honed her craft performing for crowds on the streets. Upon returning to Berlin, she continued to to fund her studies through busking.

After 5 years of traveling the world building, Sari decided to leave everything behind to follow the dream of music. A true inspiration that is present in her music. In 2017 she founded the COCOPILOTS reggae project and released the first EP of her life, following her first album “Follow your wildest dreams” in 2020.

In 2022 she went on a spiritual quest to Colombia to record her first solo EP “Back to Source” and is currently finishing the second album of her career. She has shared the stage with some incredible artists, including Scott Page from Pink Floyd, Alex Serra, Sam Garrett and Dub FX, and her collaborative spirit extends beyond live performances; she’s currently working on a new album that features contribution with renowned musicians Mr Woodnote, Estas Tonne and Mose.

Sari’s ability to connect with fellow artists and create something truly special is a testament to her passion and dedication to the craft of music & the sense of community.


Sari’s musical expression is inspired by her own journey, including her battle with narcolepsy and her transformation through dedicating herself to music. With her guitar by her side, she discovered the healing power of sound and was able to overcome her condition after dedicating herself to music. Her story is an inspiration to follow our own dreams and find their strength to overcome any challenge in life through dedication courage and self love.

In 2023 Sari changed her last name from Serodio (being hate in Portuguese) to Seramor (being love)