Sari is a singer songwriter and
multi-instrumentalist from Portugal.

She fuses reggae and Latin rhythms and  DUB effects creating a new genre called MEDICINE DUB. With her multilingual compositions crossing over mantras, medicine songs from the amazon, and empowering conscious lyrics, she showcases a true world citizen living many adventures while building bridges between cultures. Sari has shared stage with renowned artists just like Scott Page from the Pink Floyd, Alex Serra, Sam Garret and is currently working on collaborations with Estas Tonne, Mr. Woodnote and Mose. Sari’s infectious energy and powerful stage presence leave audiences spellbound inspired, uplifted, and with a deeper sense of connection, making her a truly unique live act for festivals worldwide.

Sari is more than a musician.
She is a vessel for a spiritual force that ignites the hearts and voices of those who experience her art, influenced by artists such as Marcus Gad, Manu Chao and Alex Serra.

Sari’s music is more than just entertainment – it is a call to action for people to come together and create a better world. Through her music, she inspires others to embrace their inner journey and come to a place of self-love.

With her highly anticipated album “RISE FROM THE ASHES” being released in 2024, Sari’s unique sound and inspiring artistic vision defines a new genre called medicine DUB, and is a journey of wild feminine empowerment, healing relationships, sustainability, and deep connection to nature.

Since 2022 Sari has been in the web3 space, setting an example for other artists to embrace this new era of technological disruption in the Music Industry by releasing an NFT collection to finance her album. She is working in the web3 space towards co-creating a better future where technology and nature work & live in harmony to build a sustainable future on planet earth. 

Sari’s journey into the world of music started at the age of five when she was exposed to the realms of both poetry and melody. Despite her classical music training at a German school, the pressures of society led her to abandon her passion for music and instead pursue a career in architecture. However, the call of music was too strong to resist, and Sari’s exploration of sound took her on a journey across the world, from Italy to India, where she discovered the healing powers of music and its ability to transform lives.

As a sustainable architect, Sari spent years building Earthships, eco-friendly homes all over the globe. Her work in humanitarian and disaster relief projects, as well as her involvement in the creation of the eco-community in Germany “Wir Bauen Zukunft,” have brought her closer to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

It was during those building years that Sari encounters reggae music that changed her perspective forever. After achieving her goal in architecture, she decided to leave everything behind, go travel the world to pursue her dream of music. This newfound love for reggae led to the formation of her first band, COCOPILOTS, and catapulted her onto festival stages across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

After years of non-stop touring and performing, Sari felt a spiritual calling to a more conscious approach to music. This led her to Colombia, where she embarked on a musical quest and recorded her explorative medicine EP “Back to Source,” which rediscovered her love for merging conscious lyrics with modern dub beats and decided to go solo.

With her highly anticipated album “Rise from the Ashes” set for release in 2023, Sari’s unique sound and inspiring artistic vision celebrate the journey of wild feminine empowerment, healing relationships, and deep connection to nature. As a vessel for a spiritual force that ignites the hearts and voices of those who experience her art, Sari’s music is a reflection of her courage, independence, and devotion to music as a means of healing and transformation. 

She has since then shared the stage with some incredible artists, including Scott Page from the Pink Floyd, Alex Serra, Estas Tonne, Dub FX, Sam Garrett and her collaborative spirit extends beyond live performances; she’s currently working on a new album that features contributions with renowned musicians Mr. Woodnote, Estas Tonne & Mose. Sari’s ability to connect with fellow artists and create something truly special is a testament to her passion and dedication to the craft of music & the sense of community.

2020: Album – Follow your Wild Dreams
2023: EP – Back to Source

Sari’s musical expression is inspired by her journey, including her battle with narcolepsy and her transformation through dedicating herself to music. With her guitar by her side, she discovered the healing power of sound and was able to overcome her condition after dedicating herself to music. Her story is an inspiration to follow our dreams and find the strength to overcome any challenge in life through dedication courage and self-love. 

In 2023 Sari changed her last name from her family given name Serodio (being hate) to Seramor (being love)

Singing Circles

Besides regular concerts Sari can facilitates singing circles in festivals upon request.

Her vision is to open a space for people to connect with their voices – for the voice is the primal instrument that can unlock deep traumas stored within our bodies and DNA. When people sing with consciousness, it is a powerful form of self-therapy that can lead to healing and uplift the spirit.

In her singing circles, Sari sets the intention of creating a sense of community & a space for unconditional love to be experienced.

Music has the power to bring people together, to heal, and to elevate the collective consciousness. Through her work, Sari creates a safe and nurturing space where people can explore their voices, connect with each other, and tap into their inner strength, intuition, creativity, and improvisation.

The act of singing together in harmony creates a sense of unity and connection, allowing people to release emotions and find peace within themselves. Sari’s gift lies in her ability to inspire and encourage others to find their unique voice and to express themselves authentically without shame. Her work is a true testament to the power of courage, love, compassion, and acceptance, and the sense of community she fosters through her music is a beautiful reflection of this side of her journey

My Journey as a Conscious Artist

When I was little I used to pick up a CD from my father’s Deutsche Grammophon Classic collection and explore the musical world of our ancestors. One day I pressed play and while hearing the first notes of the piano masterpiece, Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G minor, the living room started to disintegrate into a white gold-ish infinite emptiness and I experienced a profound sense of nothingness and oneness, a transcendent experience where all there was emotion and sound dancing in the cosmos of my inner world. 

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“When you listen to your soul, you’ll find the courage to follow your dreams and through self-love,
you’ll fulfill your destiny.”

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