NFTs have emerged as a revolutionary new way for musicians to claim value over their art and disrupt the traditional music market, fairly and transparently while creating a closer connection between artists and fans.

Sari has joined this movement by launching her first NFT collection of 222 pieces to finance the completion of her album. By purchasing Sari’s NFT collection, holders can support her music and are rewarded with a second NFT from Aya Stellar which gives you virtual income usable within the Cosmiq Universe ecosystem for digital/physical goods and services.

Through her art and her commitment to the web3 community, Sari is setting an example for other artists to embrace this new era of abundance and empowerment.

With the rise of the web3 community, we are witnessing a movement towards co-creating a better future where technology and nature work & live in harmony to build a sustainable future on planet earth.

Not overlooking the bad actors in the space, Sari believes crypto is more than a financial transaction; it’s a statement of expression for the shift in planetary consciousness of humanity and a vision of a world where abundance, freedom, equality, and human potential are unlocked.